HS Technology Inc. was established in the autumn of 2016 in Wisconsin, USA. Since January 1, 2017, HS Technology Inc., the branch office in the Czech Republic, is headquartered in Pilsen. We are a proud partner of Hold Security LLC, one of the leading information security companies in the United States.

The first area we are focusing on in Pilsen is the integration of modern technologies and sophisticated software for increasing the efficiency of our security analysts. Some software we already developed here we also provide to our clients. The second part of our team is security analysts. Their main job is to search for data that could endanger our clients. They are also involved in investigating security incidents. Last but not least, we are building our own team of penetration testers.


Alex Holden

Chief Information Security Officer

Alex Holden is the founder and Chief Information Security Officer of Hold Security, LLC. His experience unites work from leadership positions within the corporate information security practice and security consulting experience. Mr. Holden words with clients to address their IT security, investigative, and forensics issues, ranging from penetration testing and critical incident response to full-scale security solutions.

Alex Holden | Chief Information Security Officer

Mr. Holden is credited with the discovery of many high profile breaches including Adobe Systems, JPMorgan, and the independent discovery of the Target breach. In 2014, he led Hold Security to discover the largest breach of data to-date (CyberVor): 1.2 billion stolen credentials gathered from 420,000 exploited web sites.

Under his direction, Hold Security is helping businesses of all sizes with their data security needs, including Fortune Global 500 companies. Considered one of the leading security experts, Mr. Holden regularly voices his expert opinion in the mainstream media including CNN, New York Times, and Reuters.

Mr. Holden works with clients to address their IT security, investigative, and forensics issues, ranging from penetration testing and critical incident response to full-scale security solutions. A nationally-recognized expert in designing, maintaining, and auditing information security solutions; Mr. Holden has over 15 years of experience in computer security and networking. By designing, implementing, and maintaining company-wide, end-to-end security solutions, Mr. Holden works with all the areas of a company to assess security risks, design policies to comply with HIPAA, PCI, SOX, and SEC/FINRA regulations, identify and fix security issues, as well as successfully lead the enterprise to pass internal and external IT security audits.

Prior to joining the consulting world, Mr. Holden worked for over 10 years as the Chief Information Security Officer for a large brokerage firm in the United States. He also has extensive experience in Windows, Unix, and network administration along with corporate information security governance. He holds a number of IT certifications, including CISSP. Mr. Holden is a frequent speaker on IT security issues, and teaches IT and business security education programs.

Jan Pinkas | Tech Team Lead

During his more than 20 years of experience in the field of information technology, he has gone through many interesting positions. He started as an administrator of Unix systems, specializing in free software, and devoted himself to the administration and development of the network infrastructure of several telecommunication operators in the Czech Republic. In 2002, he founded a company that focuses on a number of areas of information technology. He has experience in hardware and software development and agile development management methodologies. For several years he worked at Seznam.cz a.s. There as a member of the middle management, he led the product team of professional services.

Within HS Technology, he is directly responsible for the technology team and the company's development in the use of modern technology. He is also the head of the branch.